Check out our new online Shipping Reports! These reports will provide you real-time status information on your inbound and outbound shipments. Whether you are using one or multiple IMC Companies to move your containers these reports will give you a complete view of ALL your current shipments.

  1. Inbound ETA – Tracing on ALL import shipments that have NOT arrived or been notified at the rail/port
  2. Inbound Schedule – Scheduled import equipment that HAS arrived and notified with LFD
  3. Shipment Status – Tracking ALL active shipments
  4. Outbound Schedule – Scheduled export equipment with rail/port cutoff and appointment date
  5. Pool Equipment – Listing of dropped equipment
    • Consignee can view all equipment that has been dropped at their location(s)
    • Bill-to can view the equipment that pertains to their bill-to account at each location(s)